Worth Looking Into

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Worth Looking Into

At a project site last week, we were at a client’s house to prune a Cherry Tree, and a couple of Oak Trees. This was a common concern we see, where trees growing on a neighbor’s property grow over the fence line into the client’s property. Often in this instance, the neighbor’s tree foliage is unwanted, and the client requests the neighbor’s trees be trimmed back to the fence line.

When we were entering the yard, Zach noticed a persimmon tree loaded with fruit. They were a beautiful orange color, and looked especially delicious. He couldn’t resist. He picked one and was gleefully ready to eat it.  I warned him that these were not the persimmon species that were edible right from the tree – and he would regret taking that bite. Zach took a bite regardless. He immediately regretted his actions.

There are two primary types of persimmons grown in the central valley. They are Hachiya and Fuyu. The differences are dramatic in how they taste right from the tree. The Fuyu are rounded, flat bottomed, orange colored fruit that can be eaten like an apple right off the tree. The Hachiya are more acorn shaped, and can be about the same color orange as the Fuyu. They are absolutely not edible when plucked from a tree, unless they are extremely ripe, which means watery soft and translucent red. A non-ripe Hachiya is astringent (mouth puckering), giving you an experience you won’t likely forget. Just ask Zach.

Hachiya Persimmon
Fuyu Persimmon
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