Keep Your Trees Healthy and Beautiful


There are plenty of reasons to have the trees trimmed in your yard, all of which can benefit both your property and the tree. Tree trimming and pruning can:

• Ensure the health and life of the tree
• Keep your yard attractive and uncluttered
• Protect your home from threatening overgrown branches

These great benefits can only occur if you choose an experienced tree trimming service. Any missteps or improper trims can harm the tree significantly, preventing proper development.

When you’re searching for a tree trimming service in Oakdale and Modesto, CA, choose a service that knows how every part of a tree functions. Lone Oak has practiced tree care and trimming for over 20 years and is familiar with all kinds of trees. We’ll take care of the tree in your yard and make sure that it continues to function, as well as complement for your property.

For our tree trimming services, Lone Oak can provide:

• General pruning
• Structural training
• Weight reduction in canopy
• Thinning of foliage to reduce wind sail effect

For your free tree trimming estimate, contact the professionals at Lone Oak Tree Service today at (209) 247-6609.